Great Podcast Brian! Your expertise is extremely helpful to level the playing field for small businesses and their marketing needs. I appreciate your insight and experience in developing ways for small business to compete. You have been instrumental in turning around our website and we are definitely seeing a positive trend in our marketing efforts. Thanks Again.

Brandon Quaintance

Great job on the “BACON” podcast. I listened to all five episodes while I was at the gym yesterday. I'm anxious to listen to the extended interviews this weekend. Keep up the great work.

Scott Braland

You hit it right on the head, Brian. Rome was not built in a day. “One step at time”, virtually guarantees success for any goal.

Tom Spadafora

Thanks for the helpful content.  I have learned lots!  I like your short, snappy podcasts.

Karen Gottschalk

Many thanks for your insights, Brian. Yes, I did learn something! I suppose I'll find out about how bad Joomla is at a later date!

Brian Aldridge

Great information on marketing your business on the internet. The material is clear, to the point and I like the length of it as well.

Teresa Rodgers Unnerstall


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