Episode 83 – Mastering Google+ with Elaine Lindsay

Elaine dropped additional nuggets of sales and marketing goodness in the EXTENDED Interview. Be sure to click here to access all of our great extended interviews, transcripts and more within our Insider's Club.

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ZABAOzhnI am a Google+ Evangelist ♥, specializing in Google+,Hangouts on Air and YouTube Training.
Hosts Business Banter Plus TV Show

TROOL Social Media works with business professionals to utilise social media and search to optimize your web presence also known as your online footprint. Knowledge is Power. Your web presence needs to be like a Lamborghini; the power lies in all cylinders and all onboard parts humming along in unison.

Like your dream car, your online footprint works best when all of the internal parts are working together:In harmony.

Online videos are like a great detailing (wash and a wax job) for your car. Shiny gets their attention, so your message can be heard! Optimized video, and production, which is the fine detailing, helps you become even more searchable… and the bonus you get from both, helps you head for the top in the SERPs.

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