Episode 336 – NO… A Social Media Post Can’t You Make Money… and Here’s WHY?

I have been using Social Media for over 14 years (I was on LinkedIn in 2004) and I been trying to figure out the secret promised so many times in blogs, posts, podcasts, and books?

I fell for the… “With This Easy Posting Formula… You Can Make Millions!” strategy, and I have tried it over and over again and failed. I paid THOUSANDS and saw PENNIES in return! I started to give up, but I am one Thick Headed Dewd (as my dad used to tell me).

I started to dive deep and learned to use 6 key social media platforms per week (some more than others) Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Why? That's because it's where my audience(s) are hanging out, conversing, engaging, and making business decisions!

Things Started To Change… I started to see more engagement, direct messages and ultimately people asking for my help (new business).  The SECRET is Consistency!

In This Episode, I will discuss my journey and what I have learned… that certain groups are hanging out on different platforms, and if you listen, you start to figure out what works best for YOUR BUSINESS!

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