Episode 322 – How Would You Like To Improve Your Business In The New Year?

We are at the end of another year and at the beginning of the New Year. Some things change, and some things stay the same. One thing that never changes is that we are all given the same 168 hours per week. Most of us spend 1/3rd sleeping, 1/3rd working, and we have 1/3rd left over for everything else in our lives (relationships, family, hobbies, relaxation or simple things like cooking and eating).

It's how you use that time that matters. It's hard to cut sleep and work, but you have to make a commitment to improving yourself is you want to see real change in the Next Year!

  1. Write Your Goals Down
    • Look Back At Last Year
    • Move Forward – Budget Your Money & Time
  2. Be Held Accountable
    • Hire A Coach
    • Join A Mastermind
    • Get Out & Network
  3. Invest In Yourself
    • Book Time To Improve Yourself
    • Take Courses
    • Read Books

If you feel you can't spare a minute or a second, you may need help? Maybe you have to hire more employees or contractors? I use Virtual Assistants to complete a whole host of tasks that saves me over 20 hours per month. How much time do you need or want to have to help you improve your business in the coming year?



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