Episode 316 – Do You Know How To Manage Project Scope And Client Expectations?

Do you actively manage projects, or do they manage you? If it seems too easy it might just have hidden complexities. What your client considers a complete project may be very different than what you are proposing. The trick here is for you to make sure that your projects, deliverables, and outcomes are aligned with what the client expects.

Projects scopes change, Communications can become brittle and heated when opinions of expectations become unclear or out of whack. Here are some of the steps I use to manage project scope and clients expectations that may help you avoid mistakes I have made and get paid for the work you are proposing…

  1. Project Scope – Scope Creep
  2. Invoice Upfront – Detail Steps and Costs
  3. Email – Create A Paper Trail Of Expectations
  4. Clear Communication – Talk In The Clients' Language & Not Yours
  5. Do Projects In Phases – Phase 1/2/3… etc!

In this episode, I will outline what has worked for me in the past and how you can create realistic expectations while making the maximum profit your desire.

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