Episode 310 – What Is More Important… A Personal Or Business Brand?

Branding, especially on Social Media, is getting tougher with time. Social Media platforms are recruiting people (individuals) and businesses alike. Promoting your business is falling prey to the pay to play model. Your business posts on Facebook from brand pages are not showing up in news feeds. Most other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others are based on personal accounts (which can be a brand or personal).

When it comes to businesses on Social Media, “Businesses do not do business with other businesses… People do business with people!” Building a personal brand is more important than ever before, but that does not mean you should ignore your business brand. It means that you have to learn how to use your personal brand to promote your business brand without being all Salesy McSalesperson!

In this episode, we will explore how you can do both and be successful without alienating your target audience.

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