Episode 308 – Is It Time For You To Rebrand Yourself And Your Business?

I have a few questions for you… How long has it been since you updated your website? Has your business changed or evolved over the last 3 years? Does your brand help you stand out from the crowd of businesses who do what you do in business?

I recently completely updated my brand to better reflect that I “Help businesses develop and execute a customer-focused marketing system.” When I looked at my website, I noticed that it focused more on what I did for my customers, rather than how and why I am different that people who call themselves web developers.

In this podcast, I will help you answer 3 more questions…

  1. Does your website really reflect what your business does today?
  2. Does your website speak to your audience in a way that differentiates you?
  3. Do your messages make it clear to your audience what makes you different?

Let me know your thoughts and feedback!


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