Episode 302 – Should You Join Facebook Anonymous? “I Am Addicted To Facebook!”

“Hello, my name is Brian.. and I am addicted to Facebook!” At least that's the way I feel. It used to be all about friends and family having fun. Now, it seems like slowing down on the highway to look at a car crash! There is so much pain, grief, and divisiveness. Not everybody is like this, but the distractions are growing.

Here is some of the stuff to avoid…

  • Turn Off Email and Group Notifications
  • Avoid Quizzes, Politics, and Trolls

Do your best to stay positive and post positive stuff. You can hide the stuff you don't want to see, and if you have to, remove so-called friends, who foster the divisiveness and negativity!

In this episode, I will offer some tips and trick to make Facebook less of a distraction and more of the entertainment site it was intended to be.


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