Episode 282 – Managing Your Messages – Are You Reaching The Right Audience?

Are you one of those people that have a tough time creating your own marketing messages? I am! It's been five years since I updated my website content which makes me truly the Cobbler who's kids who have holes in their shoes.

I recommend that you do a complete website refresh every three years, but it may make sense to review your website content at least once a year (if not as often as quarterly). You want to make sure that your content informs, educates, but more importantly, creates a sense of empathy with your clients and potential clients.

There are five steps to doing this:

  • Understand Their Problem
  • Take Clients Through The Journey
  • Outline Your Solutions
  • Show them Where They Are, And Where They Will Be
  • Deliver On Your Promises

In this episode, I will outline these steps and hopefully help you to understand how by creating empathetic messages can help you grow your business, and help clients solve their problems at the same time!

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