Episode 280 – I Can “C” Clearly Now – 3 Secrets That Will Help Grow Your Business

Making progress in business is a process. Making greater profits is the reward. It takes more than wishing and hoping… it takes a plan and it takes getting help.

I started this podcast over 2 1/2 years ago. It started out with only 111 listeners the first month. Then it almost doubled every single month and topped out at almost 3,000 listeners. Then it fell back to 1,000 and remained there and a little more for months. In this leveling out period, most people would say “OK, this is not working”, but I did not give up!

Most people would quit and move on, but I had faith and feedback that said: “Keep Going”. Then out of the blue, it started to double. Then two and 1/2 years later the number started to almost double every month to the point that it has really taken off!

The 3 “C's that have gotten me there is Content, Consistency, and (3 more “C”s that equate to getting help).  In this podcast, I will take you on that adventure and how it's helped my clients businesses and my business grow into the business I believe it could be!

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